Never work with children or animals

Or that's what they say but I do both and would never trade this line of work for anything. Although animals can surprise you, I find children the most incredible portraiture subjects.

Through our adulthood, we loose the ability to show our true emotions and our inhibitions get the most of us. We find ourselves questioning whether singing and dancing is appropriate and saying a friendly hello to people passing by is not encouraged. During my sessions, I love having conversations about everything from dinosaur eggs to robots, even if they are completely one sided. The true magic begins with pure honesty and develops into a great connection of interest and curiosity. 

I thoroughly enjoy making a fool of myself at family and kids shoots and most of the time it shocks the parents enough to bring out a genuine smile which is never a bad thing. I've been referred to as many things throughout my career; the energiser bunny, ball of laughs, inventive, crazy and even the robin Williams of the photography world. At the end of the session, I look back at the photos and have an unstoppable smile whenever im processing the images. Happiness is contagious, it's all around us!

I always end up taking way too many photos with hundreds and hundreds of them banked up with each one capturing a slightly different expression or moment. Each one as treasured as the next.

Check out this family beach shoot from late last year to see just how fun kids can be when you're got just as much energy as them...


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Deanna is a published photographer and is always undergoing training and skills maintenance to ensure she is at the forefront of her industry.

Darling Photography and Designs' studio is located in Merimbula, NSW on the gorgeous Sapphire Coast of Australia.

Deanna offers location shoots and services from Boydtown to Bermigui and inland to Bombala. Please contact Deanna directly for interstate enquires.

If you're looking for a photographer for your family, please contact Deanna at Darling Photography and Designs.

studio located at shop 6B, 33 market street, Merimbula NSW

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