The lady behind the lens.

Ninety percent of every photo is created, curated and presented based on the person behind the camera. A photographer's perspective is as unique as snowflakes with different light, positioning, landscape or subject matter influencing how a photograph will develop but what's even more mind baffling is that somehow, some way, every photographer winds up having a distinct style. An aesthetic that they create and learn to love. This is what makes Photography such a diverse and satisfying industry.

There are so many things that lead to a photographer's shooting athletic such as life events, common subject matter, landscape preference or how the perceive colour. This is a photographers superpower; the courage to capture their perspective on life and share it with the world.

My perspective is, for the most part, joy. Capturing the pure joy and genuine emotion. I love working with flowers, greenery and generally all nature. Their natural form is the most genuine existence in the world. Luckily for us, humans have one of those natural forms which is what draws me to portraiture. Nothing compares to a natural, genuine and side busting smile, mid laugh.

I'm the kind of person who is too busy for make up and hair. I roll out of bed at 6am most mornings with an energetic 3 year old ready to start her day. So my hair goes up in a messy bun and my face gets a quick rinse. Then I throw on some socially acceptable clothing and start my day. Once I'm at work, my brain doesn't stop. I am always tinkering, working towards something new or creating something new. I have countless visual journals, booklets or lined paper where I direct my ideas and inspiration. Like most creative souls, I draw my inspiration from the world around me and I believe creativity is all around us and presents itself in many, many forms.

For the most part, I spend my time taking photos, running my business, getting active with my husband and daughter and love nothing more than a good view… Belly laughs are pretty good too.


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Deanna is a published photographer and is always undergoing training and skills maintenance to ensure she is at the forefront of her industry.

Darling Photography and Designs' studio is located in Merimbula, NSW on the gorgeous Sapphire Coast of Australia.

Deanna offers location shoots and services from Boydtown to Bermigui and inland to Bombala. Please contact Deanna directly for interstate enquires.

If you're looking for a photographer for your family, please contact Deanna at Darling Photography and Designs.

studio located at shop 6B, 33 market street, Merimbula NSW

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