Waiting for Monday

I am what you might call a "go-getter" or someone who can't sit still for long. I am impulsive and don't often fully understand the repercussions of my actions which has landed me in trouble in the past. It has also lead me to be a 23 year old mother of one, married with a 3-part small business. I could possibly be diagnosed with any number of mental conditions but ultimately I find that I just don't want to wait for Monday. 

My fitness journey started on a Sunday, my business opened on a Saturday, my daughter was born on a Friday morning, I met the love of my life on a Tuesday. The best things in life are not worth waiting to start. 

This is the same with almost anything and I have used this mentality my whole life. so why wait for Monday to start something big? 

clear out your cupboards and go zero waste. do it when you've finished reading this blog post, or when you clock off from work tonight. Set a reminder on your device and stick to it. 

Dig out that gym membership and go to the gym tonight, even if you're just walking on the treadmill.

We're about to hit the festive season where you impulses have an excuse to run wild. Should I buy this gift? it's over the secret Santa limit but hey!? It's Christmas right!? should I have an extra serve of dessert, sure, it's the festive season. Another drink? why not, it's the staff holiday party. Don't wait till New Years to start something big or to commence your resolutions. Make them now. Listen to yourself. If something in your life isn't bringing you joy, change it. Don't wait till Monday.

This post might seam illogical to many people or to some it could be just that little bit cliché but, sometimes the simplest things in life are what makes it great. 

As a parent of a little kiddo, I often have a little voice in my head that automatically says no to my daughter. no, we can't eat dinner on the grass, we eat at the table or no, we cannot go out in the dark. (frankly i'm scared I'll misplace my child into the night) Try saying yes because what you're really saying yes to is adventure. Instead of saying "let's go to the beach today" say, "let's go on an adventure". you might find somewhere on the way to the Beach that looks interesting. 

This post is for everyday families to expand your horizons and your mind. Change your perspective, Don't wait for Monday to do something amazing and always say "yes" to adventure. 

I'd love to hear where this theory takes you, what did you do that was our of the ordinary because you said yes to something? What did you achieve because you didn't wait for monday?

Let me know.

Until next time,

De x

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Deanna is a published photographer and is always undergoing training and skills maintenance to ensure she is at the forefront of her industry.

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